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I’m all packed and ready to go.  As soon as I finish this blog, I’m powering down the Mac, sliding it into my carry-on and heading out the door.  Wade was supposed to take me to the airport, but he had a meeting come up, so I’ll be driving myself now.  I was hoping to get to say goodbye, but it’s probably better this way.  Who knows…7 days is a long time to leave.  I could totally see myself crying in the rearview mirror as he pulled away from the airport.  So, no goodbyes, no tears and no Wade, Achie or Mack for 7 days…

I’ve had my outfit picked out for the plane ride for about three days now.  I’m wearing dark blue jeans, with a grey v-neck t-shirt, a big white sweater and some red flats.  I would call this look “travel chic.”  Now, these blue jeans, I’ve had for quite a while, but I never wear them because they are waaaaaayyyyyy too long.  I have been meaning to get them to the tailor for the longest time.  Naturally, though, I just haven’t done it.  I was getting by before using safety pins to hold my shorter hem.

When I tried my jeans on today, I must have gotten shorter because the hem was too long again.  I sat on the floor in the closet, half-dressed, and removed no less than 18 safety pins from the hem of my pants.  Hey, I’m a perfectionist…well, maybe a half-assed perfectionist.  I made the hem shorter, ironed it and began re-inserting the safety pins when I realized that I had a security check-point nightmare on my hands. There was no way I was going to get through the metal detector with 5 lbs of safety pins at my ankles.

There had to be another way to do this.


I cut (4) 4″ pieces of duct tape and used that to hold the new hem.  Then, I lightly ironed it to bond the tape to my jeans and voila!

Okay, I’m leaving on a jet plane…LOOK OUT NASHVILLE, HERE I COME!

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