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It is NOT easy to pack for a 7 day trip.  I have a whole new respect for Carolyn and Neal and their packing for 2 week visits to Texas.  This is definitely a challenge!  I fighting a bit of a cold and actually it’s been pretty nasty.  I have a very weird cough and am constantly exhausted.  I didn’t sleep at all last night, but there are a couple of other reasons for that…Archie and Mack.

Apparently, Wade got a little lonely while I was gone and invited the dogs to sleep on the bed with him.  Up until that point, we had done a really great job of keeping them in their own bed (on the floor).  So, last night, they hopped up on the bed like they owned it and got right underneath the covers to snuggle.  It’s so sweet, but it gets very hot and very uncomfortable very quickly.  It’s so sad to make them get down.  They look at you with those miserably sad eyes and pout.

Of course, Wade fell asleep with no problem.  They jumped on the bed and I made them get off the bed every single hour on the hour until 4AM.  At one point, Mack started bringing me items from the extra bedroom one at a time.  It was funny, but I was so over it.  After work, I came home and slept for two hours.  Here’s the good part…work was done by 1PM.  I LOVE THIS JOB!!!  Now, I did work until 10:30 last night, getting my account information organized, etc., but I really enjoy the flexibility of my schedule.

Tomorrow is going to be another light day.  I’ll go in at 10, do some paperwork, head to lunch with a supplier and then home!  Life is good!

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