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I just got done taking the cutest dogs in the world for a nice walk.  It’s very chilly outside so, we walked really fast.  They should enjoy a long nap in their “house” while I’m away at work today.

I’m just about ready for my trip to Nashville.  Tonight, I’ve got to get my school stuff together and organized; I’ll finish packing and tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut.  Fun stuff!

There was something that I’ve wanted to blog about for the past two days, but I cannot, for the life of me, think of what it was.  So typical.  If you know me, surely you’ve heard me start telling a story and just stop right in the middle of a sentence because I couldn’t remember what I was going to say.  I just chalk it up to killing too many brain cells in college, but actually, I hope it isn’t something more serious.  Maybe I am just that scatterbrained?!?!

I’ve definitely fallen behind in the GFC.  I think I’ve only done 50 minutes this week!  I’m going to try to get in an hour of elliptical today and an hour tomorrow, as well.  That will get me to 170 for the week and maybe on Saturday, I’ll be able to work out?  Probably not though.  In any case, next week is going to be a really taxing week.

I’ve gotten a few “syllabi” for my classes.  So far, I have Global Strategy and Business Ethics.  I’m looking forward to the ethics class although there is a substantial amount of reading, but Global Strategy seems like another name for “economics.” BLAH!  I can’t wait for school to be over.  How do people do this with children???

Have a great day!

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