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I’m sitting in a hotel room in Shreveport, LA. It’s drizzling and cold outside. There’s one place in the world I want to be right now and this is NOT it. I wish I was snuggling in my bed with Wade and my sweet puggle bulls. It’s funny…for as long as I can remember, when Wade and I have spent the night apart, I always sleep on “my side of the bed,” as if he’s going to show up later and hop in. Thankfully, I’ll be home tomorrow!

When I arrived at the hotel this afternoon, I checked in, settled in my room and went straight to the fitness center to get in some cardio. I’m not as concerned with the GFC as I am with losing weight. I only did 30 minutes, but that’s a heck of a lot better than I was doing 2 weeks ago.

I was looking forward to a good dinner at a place with a little atmosphere so I could enjoy the National Championship game, but my boss decided that we’d eat at the IHOP across the street. Not exactly what I had in mind. Anyway, he’s fairly recently divorced and since I am stuck in the car with him every day during my training, I have started to feel like an underpaid therapist…

“Yes, divorce sucks. Yes, it’s a terrible thing that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Yes, you feel like you failed at life. Yes, it gets better. And, last but not least…yes, I have no doubt I made the right decision.”

I basically have these “go-to” answers on repeat. I don’t mean to make light of the situation but I lived through my own divorce and I really don’t want to re-live someone else’s.

I suppose that there’s a good lesson in there. No matter how bad you think things are, they get better. That’s a lesson that I’ve learned the hard way over and over again. It happens when I think I should be controlling the situation instead of Him. I’m getting better at it though and my life has changed because of that.

Well, I’m off to study and watch some football.


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