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To say that 2011 has started off well would be an understatement of epic proportions.  I’ve really enjoyed my new job and think that, especially, once I’m done training and can make my own schedule, I’ll love it even more.  I’ve also had a blast with this fitness challenge.  I went on a 10 mile bike ride today and it was just glorious.  The weather is beautiful, the skies are clear and I couldn’t ask for a better bike-ridin’-day.

I’m reading a fantastic book called “Judgement in Paris” that is about a 1976 wine tasting in Paris.  It was a huge deal because California wines scored higher than French wines for the first time ever and the French judges, who were doing a blind tasting, kept degrading the wines that they thought were from California and they actually were French.  I had no idea about the science and passion that is involved in winemaking.  I think it’s really an art and I’m hoping to learn to appreciate it a little more.

A woman from Fort Worth, Texas Magazine called today to interview me for an account executive position.  I’m going to meet with her on Thursday of next week to see what it’s all about…why not???  Also, the gentleman from SportsShares emailed and wants to meet the week after next, but I’ll be in Nashville for my conference.  I’m really starting to think that for the money I’m making, the lack of stress and the perks (work from home, car, etc.) at Stag Parkway, it’s going to be very hard for me to leave, but I want to make double-extra sure that I’m doing the right thing here.

I’ve realized that I prefer less money to more money + stress.  That’s kinda why the SportsShares Director position scares me a bit.  I think that, since it’s a start-up, the pressure and the responsibility would be unbelievable.  Obviously, it has an upside in that the company could be hugely successful and being in at the ground floor would be great for my future.  I think I’m tired of taking risks though.  I mean, it’s fun and exciting at first, but I’m beat!  Stag offers the kind of security that people search high and low for.

Okay, I’ve got dinner on the stove (bean chili) and in the oven (baked sweet potato) and two dogs going crazy.


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