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The Christmas festivities are officially over. Last night, Wade and I had dinner with my Dad, Marilyn, Sage, John and Lauren. It was nice, but I’m glad that things should be settling down a bit.

All of this “not working” has made me very uneasy and not just in the professional aspect of my life. I can tell that it has started to take a toll in other areas, as well. I have so many friends that are making big changes in their lives. We talk about being excited and scared at the same time. Usually, I try to focus on the excitedness and tell them that being scared is just a part of it.

After a lot of thought over the past several days, big change might be in my near future too and, now, I can totally sympathize. I’m mostly scared and not even a bit excited, but we’ll see how things unfold. I’ve risked a lot in the past year and it’s unfortunate to think that it might not work out the way I had hoped, but c’est la vie…plans are made to be broken, right?

If I’ve learned anything in the past 28 years it’s that things always work out for the best and according to His plan.


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