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The Graf’s are here!!!

They arrived around 10:30 last night.  We sat around and talked for a bit and then, we hit the sack.  I think we were all exhausted.

So, I’ve been going to quite a few interviews over the past several months and there has been a common question that has really caught me off guard:  Why are you getting your masters?

The answer, “just because,” doesn’t seem to suffice, but this has taught me something about the way we are.  I’ve started thinking that people don’t do anything anymore “just because.”  It’s so rare in this age of efficiency and achievement that it actually draws suspicion.

On my morning walk with the dogs, I thought back to the Renaissance period.  People were trying new things in art, literature and science partially for the recognition and achievement, but mostly because they cherished the cathartic/therapeutic and distracting qualities.  People don’t do that today.  The mindset is why would you do something if you don’t gain financially?

I think that, unexpectedly, this has made me more proud of obtaining my masters.  I’m not doing for anyone else.  I’m not doing it as a means to an end.  I’m doing it just for me…just because.  Now, try explaining that to the guy I interviewed with yesterday…

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