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I’ve had a bit of a different day today.  I can’t tell if I feel well or not.  I think that on Sunday night, as we were walking to and from Cowboys Stadium, the cold really got to me.  I’ve developed a bit of a cough and have been really tired, which is definitely out of the ordinary.  That, plus my very busy weekend could definitely be the reason for my feeling under the weather.  I’ve been sleeping all day, except for a quick run to Whole Foods and Pennington Field (to buy tickets for the High School Football State Championship).

I have a couple of things I want to write about today, but they are things that I just want to get off my chest.  That’s what this whole blog is, right?  I shouldn’t have to worry about what the people reading this think, right?  Well, here goes.

First of all, I forgot my Grandmother’s birthday.  I can’t believe it.  I don’t forget things – period.  It was December 10th and I just feel terrible about it.  Thankfully, I was able to get her some crabcakes and bread pudding, but it’s not the same as a phone call on your birthday.  I’m a little disappointed that my Dad didn’t call to remind me.  I know it’s not his responsibility, but that’s what people do for each other.  I call my brother to remind him about my parents’ birthdays and my own birthday and my Dad has always called me to give me a head’s up for my Grandma’s birthday, just in case I forgot it.  In any case, it IS 100% my responsibility and that’s that.  So…

Grandma, I’m soooooooo sooooooo soooooooooooo sorry!  I’m glad you enjoyed your meal and wish I could have been there to sneak a bite of the bread pudding.  I love you and I look forward to celebrating with you next year!

Secondly, I’m roasting my first turkey on Christmas Eve.  I invited my brother, my parents and their spouses along with my grandparents, my aunt, my step-grandmother, and my step-brother.  I know everyone can’t come, but I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to celebrate with both of my parents.  My brother and I haven’t been able to celebrate a holiday with both of our parents at the same time in at least 15 years.  It’s not a huge deal, but it would have been nice.  That’s probably a bit of a lie.  It is kinda of a huge deal and I’m a little hurt about it.

Thirdly, I am making sausage with rotini and spaghetti sauce for dinner.  As I was making the sausage, grease splashed up onto my right hand it hurts like !@$&.

Fourthly, I am getting the itch to do another endurance event; maybe a marathon, maybe a 1/2 marathon, maybe a triathalon (I just need a pool and a bike for the tri).  I’m thinking that I’ll make a decision after the holiday, but there is an event in Alaska that looks very exciting!!!

Okay, that’s all for today…I’m hoping this week gets a little better.  Oh, what am I saying?!?!  Of course it will!  Neal and Carolyn get here Thursday!  I can’t wait!

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