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So, yesterday, I was just minding my own business (not really) and looking at people’s facebook pages.  All of a sudden, a message popped up in my facebook inbox.  I saw it was from a former friend and immediately thought it was spam, but I went ahead a opened it.  This is what I saw:

Hey old friend, want to say sorry for my part in us not being actual friends anymore. Hope you are doing well.

I was in shock.  Not only has it been 8 years since I spoke to him, he is NOT the type of person to apologize.  We became friends when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior.  We never dated or anything like that.  I always thought of him as a big brother.  Our friendship was the catalyst for most of my best memories of high school and college.  When he went away to college, I went to visit.  When I moved to Austin a couple of years later, we were inseparable.

He went through a tough time with hodgkin’s lymphoma and I used to make him wacky meals when he felt good enough to eat.  I made blue mashed potatoes, red spaghetti, etc.  It all looked so unappetizing, but we had a blast doing it.

I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t even tell you why we aren’t friends.  I think that’s partially because of the college haze I was in and partially because it was so long ago.  I know it had to do with a trip to New Orleans and money.  Sad.

Anyway, our lives took us in very different directions and I was so happy to finally hear from him.  I plan on meeting him for coffee or lunch over the holiday and can’t wait to really catch up.  I fill like a little hole has been filled in for me and it’s a great feeling.  I know our friendship will never be the same.  We have responsibilities now and well, we aren’t 20 years old, but I’m excited to rebuild it as something new.

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