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This is “JOB WEEK!”

I have two great interviews, a little road trip, time with family and my best friend coming to town.  I really expect this week to fly and I’m very excited about it.

I had an amazing day yesterday and so far, this morning has been pretty great.  I’ve been trying to ease up on myself.  I’ve been going at a slower pace than normal; sipping coffee and reading by the fire, napping and not feeling guilty about it and going into dazes staring at the Christmas tree.  Now, I realize that might sound like I’m having some kind of nervous breakdown – going into blank stares, but it’s been DIVINE!

I absolutely love Christmas!  I love giving gifts.  In fact, I love giving gifts so much that it’s difficult for me to keep secrets about what I got for people.  I just get so excited!!!  We finally finished all of our shopping yesterday and everything is wrapped and under the tree.  I expect to be getting a few more gifts via FedEx and will get those taken care of right away.

I love wrapping presents.  There is something so pretty about a tightly wrapped box with a big festive bow on it.  The straight lines definitely speak to the OCD in me and I love to see how the wrapping papers go together.  Isn’t it funny that there are 100 million different kinds of wrapping paper and not one will clash with another…it’s all Christmas!

Well, I have to go get ready for my little road trip  and interview in Archer, Texas.

Have a blessed day!

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