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I’m reading a great book right now and I wanted to share a quote that has really resonated with me…

“We are meant to trust the universe like a child trusts an adult.”

It sounds so simple, but why do we find it so difficult?  What a wonderful way to go through life?!?!

Trust on a human level is difficult for many people.  I can think of times when I have struggled with trust and, yet, I consider myself very lucky to have been raised in a loving and dependable family.  So many people/children are given reasons not to trust anyone or even themselves.  I think that if a person like myself, who has a supportive family, can be challenged by trust, there are plenty of others to whom trust might seem like an insurmountable obstacle.  When we bring the universe into the picture, that takes it to a whole new level.

To simplify it, we are saying “don’t be afraid to go with flow.”  It’s surrendering control over your own life to a higher power.  It’s a really beautiful, really difficult and really important journey that we should all dedicate ourselves to.  If only dinner didn’t need to be cooked, bills didn’t need to get paid, the dogs didn’t need to go to the vet, etc.  It’s funny how trivial those day-to-day activities (that seem so crucial at the time) actually are.

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