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for part-time employees.  I went to the mall yesterday to buy my suit for my upcoming interviews.  That was exactly as much fun as I thought it would be – none at all.  Really, there is nothing worse than trying on clothes when you just don’t feel your best (or anywhere near it).  I can’t stress that enough.  It’s a miserable task; however, I found some cute pants and a belt at Banana Republic.  I also stopped into Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I got a pair of winter running pants, 2 Under Armour dri-fit hoodies, and some earwarmers.

As I was shopping in Dick’s, I had a hard time finding the sale racks.  I saw a girl, probably 16 years old, and I asked her where the sale racks were.  She said that they actually didn’t have any sale racks, but the clearance racks were “right over there.”

Now, maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t clearance count as a sale?  I internally rolled my eyes, silently sighed and said a quick prayer for this girl’s intelligence.  I obviously was NOT in the mood for shopping therapy yesterday and I feel bad for anyone who’s path I might have crossed.

Christmas gifts are being delivered to the house daily.  I just love opening FedEx boxes and re-wrapping the gifts.  I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping and that’s good because my bank account is just about done being unemployed.  This has really been an interesting experiment in my life.  Yes, my checking account is dwindling, but I have plenty in my personal savings and Wade and I had saved for this, as well.  I just really don’t want to tap into the savings…if I have to, I could be okay for about 5 months, but that’s certainly not ideal.

I’m looking more and more forward to my interviews next.  I want to get this show on the road!  I

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