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I’ve had a great morning so far.  I’ve taken the dogs for a walk, exercised and I have the rest of my day planned out.  I have a phone interview at 10AM.  It’s not the most appealing company, but I really do enjoy the interviews (sometimes).  I haven’t done any school yet this week, so that’s what I’ll do this evening.  FUN!

Today, I want to write about being thankful…

Before we headed up north for the holiday, Wade and I met with a designer in hopes of re-doing the whole house.  We want granite countertops in the kitchen, new floors, new bathrooms;  I mean the WHOLE house.  I think our little getaway, which was actually pretty lengthy (6 days) really put things into perspective for us.  We got away from all the things that we thought were important and were able to focus on what really matters, no matter where you live, how much money you have or what language you speak – family.

Obviously, we were both thankful to be home on Sunday morning.  It’s always nice to sleep in your own bed and shower in your own shower, but the second we walked in the door, I was floored.  What on earth made us think that we need any more than we have right now?  The house is perfect just the way it is.  It’s not broke, why fix it?  We have everything we could ever want.  Certainly, that will change in time, but right now there just isn’t any need to make major changes in any aspect of our lives (besides me getting a job).

All of a sudden, the granite, new floors and new bathrooms felt so silly.  It’s amazing how quickly we assimilate to our environments.  Magazines, television and the places we hang out made us think we didn’t have what we needed.  We got a little jaded and I’m happy we were able to see that.  We’d both rather spend the money to be with family and have family be with us.  I had a lot to be thankful for before Thanksgiving, but I was filled with thanks a few days later, when we got home.


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