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This is going to be a short post…

We left Ohio at 3PM yesterday and pulled into the garage at 7AM.  I drove from 7:30PM – 1AM (includes an additional hour for time change) and 2AM – 7AM.  Wade was definitely the MVP on the way up there and I’m giving myself the MVP title for the way home.  I did get pulled over in Arkansas at 2:30AM, but the cop felt really bad for us and only gave me a warning.

It feels really good to be home.  We went right to bed and slept until noon.  The dogs did too!  You can tell that they are just as happy to be back home as we are; however, they are both still a little groggy from their sedatives.  For about the last hour, Mack sat on Wade’s lap in the front seat and slept on him.  It was really sweet.

Okay, now for the evidence you’ve all been waiting for.  I told Neal I’d give him 10% of anything I make off this video for his authorization to use it.  I also have video of us surprising Carolyn, which I didn’t even realize…


Exhibit A: Surprising Neal in the garage.

Exhibit B: Setting up to surprise Carolyn.  You can see the poor “stray” in the sunroom.

Exhibit C:  Surprising Carolyn.  The cat dog is out of the bag laundry room.

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