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We have had such an amazing visit here, in Ohio.  I can’t believe that we will be leaving tomorrow.  I’m definitely dreading the long drive home, but I’m thankful to have one more night to relax with family.  It’s been a whirlwind of a trip.  Since we arrived on Tuesday, we’ve been seeing family non-stop and I am amazed by how much we’ve been able to squeeze into such a short time.

On Wednesday night, several of Wade’s friends came over and we went out to one of the local restaurants.  It was packed so we ended up going to a mexican restaurant down the street.  It was great to hear about all of their college stories and I always enjoy getting to spend time with his friends.  His cousin Jeffrey’s wife, Shelly, and his friend, Lucas’ fiance, Tabitha, were a blast to talk to.  They remind me of the kind of friends that I have at home.  We got home pretty late and hit they hay around 3AM.

On Thanksgiving day, Carolyn took me and Wade to his Grandmother Miller’s house.  That is Carolyn’s mom and the home is actually the house that Carolyn grew up in.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I don’t know what year it was built in, but it’s the kinda of place that just makes you feel right at home.  I was in awe of the woodwork on the stairways and the ornate trim all throughout the house.  Grandma Miller played a song on her beautiful piano for and I was so intrigued just watching her fingers hit the keys.  I am definitely putting “learn to play piano” on my list of things to accomplish before I’m 40.  It was an inspiring performance and it just about brought me to tears.

We toured the upstairs part of the house and I was floored by a very old copy of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”  I have always loved old books and to see those two just was really cool.  I also got to see Grandma Miller’s snowman collection (which is very extensive).  She made us an apple pie for our Thanksgiving celebration and so we picked that up and headed home to get ready for our feast.

Wade’s grandparents, Lloyd and Shirley came over and I also got to meet his Uncle Lou and Aunt Judy for the first time.  We all ate plenty of food and some of us (mostly me) enjoyed a nap in the living room!  Grandma Miller’s pie was absolutely the best pie I’ve ever had and to top it off, it was pretty!  Wade’s Uncle Lou (Neal’s brother), got the dogs riled up.  I hadn’t ever heard Archie bark like a “man dog” until he met Lou.  In any case, he’s found his voice and now, he won’t shut up.  After everyone left and the dogs settled down, we played skip-bo and dominos and before we knew it, it was 11:30.

Everyone woke up at about 9:30 this morning and we had a big breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, toast and bacon.  It was delicious!  We spent the day near Toledo at Texas Roadhouse with most of Carolyn’s side of the family.  Her siblings; Bonnie, Debbie and Jeff and their respective families along with Grandma Miller joined us for lunch.  Wade and I got a good laugh because we drive all the way to Ohio from Texas to go to Texas Roadhouse!!!

We’ve spent the remainder of this evening watching college football and napping (me again).  We’re going to stick around for the Ohio State v. Michigan game tomorrow and then hit the road shortly after that.  I’m praying for no rain, no tires, no deer, and sleeping puppies!!!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving…can’t wait for December!!!


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