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I gave a friend some good advice the other day and I’m just now realizing I should listen to it myself…

Anyway, I told her to take some time by herself, with zero distractions, and write down what she really wants…what would really allow her to be happy and fulfilled. I told her to be specific. What city are you living in? What does your house look like?  What is your job? How much do you get paid?  What car are you driving? Do you have pets, kids, etc.?
Basically, I told her to be as thorough as possible about her idea of perfection and then, I said, “crumble up that piece of paper and throw it out the window because it won’t happen.”  We both laughed, but it got me to thinking.  I probably shouldn’t have told her that her idea of perfection won’t happen.  What I meant was, “it probably won’t happen the way you expect it to right now.”
This led me further down the line…I carry my own ideas of perfection with me throughout every aspect of my life.  I’ve felt perfection, but it’s never happened how I planned it and that’s what has made it beautiful.  When things don’t go exactly your way, but still work out, it’s like Christmas.  When we plan something and our plan goes perfectly, there’s no pleasant surprise in that.  I would refer to it as execution. 
My most perfect moments haven’t been executed plans, they have been pleasant surprises and that’s what makes life beautiful.  So, friend, write all those things down, crumple up that piece of paper, but hold onto it.  Eventually, your life might be that version of perfection, but no matter what, it will be absolutely beautiful to see how you got there and how your perception of perfection changed along the path.  I think the Buddhists convey that message a lot more simply when they say that it isn’t about the destination, but the journey.
As of late, my journey is going pretty well.  It has been an exceptional week in the job market and I kept that going today with a great interview.  It was 2 hours and 15 minutes long and that was partially because we seemed to get along so well. 
I had to take a profile assessment test before our meeting and I got such a kick out of the results.  It said that I was not organized.  Can you believe that???  NOT ORGANIZED???  Coty “OCD” Kaptain?  Thankfully, before he mentioned that, I had been playing up my unmatched organizational skills so I definitely think he trusted me when I told him to throw that assessment out the window.  It also said I had a big ego…well, maybe it was close to being kind of right about one thing…
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