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4 miles. 46 min. 45 sec.

I’ve been training at the gym on my lunch breaks.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s nice not having to wake up at 5:45 or “waste” my whole evening running.  The gym is a special place.  When I was 15 I worked at a gym.  I did it because my friend worked there.  The thing was, you had to be 16 to work there.  As I just mentioned, I was 15.  I filled out my application with my birthday as 5/9/81 instead of ’82 and even when they had to see my license, nobody said a thing.  In retrospect, I can totally see why they at least wanted you to be 16.  Gyms are seedy places.  Even though the one I worked at was in a nice part of town, the clientele was questionable at best.  Of course you have the nice, normal people just trying to stay in shape, but by my calculations, about 97% of the people that go to gyms on a very consistent basis are strippers or dirty old men.  In any case, it paid for my cell phone and my gas and that was really all that mattered back then.

So, I get done working out today, I change and take a look at my email and this little gem is waiting for me:

Please have J**** check the system before he blames something on me or J***. He has no excuse for not knowing the basics of the AS400. He keeps blaming it on being a salesman and not having time. Tell the salesman to communicate to you then you communicate to me in the future because it will save him time not having to walk over here.
He has now done it to me twice in 6 business days and both times he’s been wrong.

First, I laughed.  This author of this email is 22 years old.  He knows EVERYTHING.  I mean EVERYTHING about any industry.  In his mind, he graduated from the BEST school with the BEST degree and that automatically qualifies him as the BEST at his job.  Here is what I sent him:

I will talk to J****about double-checking his work, but I have asked them to talk to you directly in order to enhance the level of communication around this joint. I agree that he should be emailing you instead of walking over there, but I would appreciate it if you were very open to walking them through these things for the next 30-60 days. By “open,” I mean teach them once and if they come back to you with the same questions, tell them you already walked them through it. I have a master-plan and this would definitely help me execute.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Here’s the translation:

Hey you little Punk, 

I mentioned that you are a Jacka$$ to J****.  You are not above dealing with anyone and if you give me direction again I will take your flannel shirt and wrap it so tightly around your important appendages that they will fall off.  Quit being a lazy d-bag and do your job.  Oh, and, welcome to the real world!

Hope you guys are having a good day.  I am!


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