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5 miles today…no time.

I spent my run thinking about the similarities between business and sports.  It’s interesting to me that we can accept idea of athletes who are past their prime; the old quarterback who took one too many hits, the pitcher that can’t quite get the radar gun to read the way it used too.  It’s an easy concept to embrace; our bodies break down over time and it’s natural.  Why, then, would it be so hard to accept that an executive could be past his/her prime?
I’ll tell you why.  It’s because the effects of age are obvious when it comes to our physical ability; however, we can hide the toll the years have taken on our mental capacity.  I’m not suggesting that we get less intelligent as we age, but I do think that it would only be natural to lose a step…just like we do physically.  I think that this idea is not accepted because it is far more terrifying than installing a safety rail in the shower.
Now, here’s the kicker.  Let’s taking aging out of the equation.  I believe that poor strategic decisions are the executive’s equivalent to a sports injury.  You can only have so many before nobody wants to give you a chance.  This is another situation where athletes have it right.  This is why I love sports.  The competition is so pure.  Only the strong survive.  That’s what is missing in the business world.  It’s so easy for an executive to find opportunities to re-invent themselves.  We place so much stock in experience, which is very important, but there’s a lot to be said for inexperienced eyes attached to faces that have mouths with lots of questions.  A failed executive’s mistakes aren’t apparent in a limp, a crooked nose, or a bad shoulder. Business mistakes can be hidden in glossy resumes.  When an executive “loses a step” it isn’t always apparent and it can keep organizations from growing and reach full potential.
That’s just what I thought about, but I’ve got some other news for you!!!  Mostly, THIS:
Ummm, yeah, that spider that is
bigger than my hand
That’s front of another spider that was right
next to him.  Also bigger than my hand.
You can really see the web in this close-up.
It was about 4′ in diameter and you
can see where he “repaired” it.
I also wanted to post pictures of my new babies…MY PLANTS.  I’ve had them for 6 weeks now and, not only are they still alive, they are thriving!!!  I got plants I can use in my cooking and these 3 remind me of my grandma, Frantastic!
I have already used this in potatoes.
It just smells good!
I love to put it in water!

What a day?!?!  I ran, I worked, I studied, I took a quiz and now I’m going to watch some baseball!  Get your brooms out…GO RANGERS!
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