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10 miles.

Today was supposed to be 14 miles.  Actually, yesterday was supposed to be 14 miles, but I didn’t have the time.  I didn’t start my run until 9:45 this morning and it was already hot by then.  My first 5 mile lap was okay.  My second one was really bad.  I ran out of water half way through that lap.  I could feel my lips start to crack.  I had to alternate keeping my hands on my shoulders because the sun was searing my skin.  On top all that, each breath I took was like inhaling a in a sauna.  I could smell the grass baking.  It was miserable.  I WON’T do that again.

I’ve had a very interesting past couple of days.  There are a lot of opportunities on the horizon and I’m excited about where they’ll take.  Of course, opportunities mean decisions and if decisions weren’t tough, we’d call them options.

I’ve spent a lot of my time pondering the difference between pride and ego.  I’ve been really honest with myself lately and have come to the realization that there is a part of me that needs my ego stroked in regard to my career.  I started to really think that this was selfish and I was being very hard on myself.  I had a conversation with a dear friend and he pointed out that my situation had nothing to do with ego, but more to do with pride.  I want to be able to be proud of my career and all that entails (my title, my earnings, my company).  I suppose that there is a fine line between ego and pride and I’m just trying to find my balance.  What’s new?!?!

On a lighter note, I bought a Wonder Woman model from work this week.  Some of the guys I work with thought it would be funny if I put a model together.  I’m a good sport, I gave it a shot.  Unfortunately, modeling takes patience, which we all know I pray for because I certainly don’t have it.  So, I get the thing out of the box and start assembling.  It was so hard to wait for the stupid glue to dry and after it was all put together, I realized that I probably should have painted the pieces before I did anything.  I must say, it was fun.  I’m glad I did it and I got a really good laugh out of it…see for yourself:

It took about 2 hrs. to assemble
A masterpiece is being born

A close-up…she’s a looker!

The final product.  No, it’s not for sale.

I also made some marathon investments this weekend.  I got some new running shoes.  With all of the foot problems I’ve been having lately, it was definitely time.  I love my new shoes.  They are much cuter than the other ones and about a million times more comfortable.  I also got a great deal on them.  First thing Saturday morning, I took my old shoes to Ft. Worth Running Co.  I explained to the owner that I needed new shoes and that I have lost one toenail, I’m about to lose another and I have blisters on the tips of all of my toes.  He checked out my shoes and was surprised I lasted as long as I had.  You take a look…

These have around 300 miles on them!

His first suggestion was to go a half size bigger.  I obliged and off he went to grab the shoes.  He came back and told me that he didn’t have my size in that shoe, but he wanted me to try another pair.  That’s when he brought out the holy grail of running shoes.  I put the first one on my right foot and it was love.  I told the guy that I wanted them.  He mentioned that he had a pair in the back, same size, same style, but they had been returned by someone else who had worn them twice.  He offered to give me 40% off.  I told him I wanted that pair a brand new pair.  Now, I got 2 pairs of running shoes for $50 less than I got my original pair and I’ll be able to alternate them during my training.  Here are the newest additions to my closet:

These have 10 miles and
their sister pair has 0 miles!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  I got a ton done and was definitely able to decompress from last week.  For now, lots of prayers for my step-grandmother.  She’s the sweetest woman and is in the ICU right now.


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