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4 miles…taking it easy.

I left to run at about 8PM last night, I was supposed to do 6 miles, but it just got too dark.  I couldn’t leave any earlier because it was so hot…yet again.  I didn’t run very well, but I enjoyed taking the time for myself.  It has been an emotional and busy week for me, so I definitely needed some QT with myself. 

The new job is going…

It’s definitely very different than what I’m used.  Let’s be honest, I’ve been pretty blessed on the work front.  I’ve taken for granted what it means to work in an historic building, a skyscraper and a modern work of art.  My new work digs have made me realize that environment can make a big difference in one’s attitude.  Hopefully, I can make some changes to this place.  After all, that’s what they brought me in to do…

I must say that I thought I had met the most negative person in the history of the world at my last job.  This girl could not say one nice thing about anyone and completely took for granted everything that her family ties got her.  Well, I have met her match.  I would love to see these two folks in a padded room.  I am thankful to be around a “new” kind of miserable 🙂

So, last night, on my way back to the house, I ran across a tarantula.  Literally, a tarantula.  At first, I just ran by it and a split second later, I realized that the giant dark spot that I had just seen might have been alive.  Naturally, I back-tracked to check out the situation.  I guess part of me (90% of me) was not expecting to see anything interesting.  Well, when I got in close enough to get a good look, I jumped a mile and screamed.  My heart was racing so fast.  It was really getting dark at this point, so I became very cautious about what was in my path.  I saw a baby snake and I also saw an man in very VERY short Texas flag running shorts.  Of the three creatures I saw on my run last night, I would definitely say that the man in the short shorts was the scariest one that I encountered.  Nobody should wear shorts that short.  Definitely not a man.  I mean, there are some things that should just be kept to yourself!

I wanted to include a group picture from our big run last weekend in Grapevine. I’m wearing a white hat, white sleeveless shirt and black leggings (I’m kinda in the middle). 
I’ll be running again tonight…and, hopefully, it won’t be too late for a blog.  I’m off to lunch now!  Have a fantastic day! Oh, one more thing…YAY RANGERS! YAY NOLAN! YAY CHUCK!  I’m so happy that they got the team.  I love it when the good guys win!
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