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4 miles. 47 min. 35 sec.

Wow!   I really surprised myself tonight.  I took Tuesday off, I had a Banana Split from Braum’s after lunch, I had a sprite zero (I never drink anything except for Powerade and water) and I still had a good run.  In fact, that’s the best 4 mile run I’ve ever had.

I wore my watch under my hat so I wasn’t constantly checking time and I didn’t wear my water belt.  I think that helped a bit, but the biggest difference is lack of stress!  This week off has been really nice…and I have 2 more to go : )  Now, when I say “nice,” I don’t necessarily mean relaxing.  I got my computer fixed, I finished 2 projects for school (I still have 2 exams and 1 case study before this semester from HELL is over), I went to 4 different post offices to get my passport, I took my car in to get fixed twice and I still managed to fit a pedicure in there.

Now, the pedicure part is important because I’m heading out West this weekend to float the Truckee River. It’s in Truckee, CA (very close to Tahoe), where my best friend lives.  Here’s a link to the city:

I am so excited to see her and several of my other friends from high school.  It will be a blast.  Last time I went to visit, there was a blizzard.  I truly had never seen that much snow fall in my life.  We had so much fun that I lost my debit card, my cell phone and my dignity, but I did win a dance-off (I think).  I hope this trip is just as good!!!  Really, though, the town is like a post card.  It’s so pretty and everything is so granola…

On a side note, have you ever heard about the Donner Party?  It was a group of people that got stuck in the California mountains in the 1800’s and a few of them survived by eating the people that didn’t make it.  Well, that happened in Truckee.  They have Donner lake and a memorial to the Donner Party that is as tall as the snow was deep back when they got stuck.  And, it’s all in a little spot called Donner Pass.  I highly recommend visiting: It is amazing to think that anyone could survive those conditions.  It really is a rugged area…still.  And that happened 150 years ago!  I’m hoping we’ll see a black bear.  That would pretty much make my whole trip!  Okay, last one…this link really talks about the Donner Party and shows the memorial, etc.:

Oh YEAH!!!  On Saturday morning, I am getting my lazy (probably a little hungover) a$$ out of bed to run 10 miles.  Hey, there’s no vacation from marathon training!  It should be interested 6,000 feet above sea level.  Don’t worry, I’m taking my water belt, my sunscreen and my computer so, you’ll hear all about it.

Have a great Friday!!!


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