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4 miles. 47 min. 10 sec.

Good news today…

I took a substantial amount of time off of my 4 mile run.  Well, I think 50 seconds is substantial.  It feels substantial.

That’s not even the good news though!!!  The good news is that I GOT A JOB!  The best news is that I don’t start until August 2nd.  That means I have 3 full weeks off of work.  I’m still going to go on my interviews next week, but I feel awesome.  I really think this job is going to be such a challenge, but I’m getting paid 30% more and I will be able to make impactful decisions.  That’s really the most important part for me.  It felt good to interview and be confident in what I feel I’m worth.  I will get to travel internationally and that’s really cool too!

This marathon journey has become more than just running and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers!


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