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No, I don’t normally blog at 10:30 on a Saturday night, but I just saw a commercial that brought back a great memory.  I don’t think it was purposeful, but it was one of those images that brings you back to a certain time and place in your childhood.  It’s a vehix commericial and it shows people running after cars. In one scene, you see a girl hop out of a swimming pool in a bathing suit.  Later in the commercial, she’s running down the street with several other people, chasing a cars that are loaded onto a car trailer.  For some reason, she stands out to me.  She seems to be running so fast that I can hear the bottom of her feet smack the asphalt.  I have vivid memories of running like this…chasing a ball, barefoot down the street and being able to hear my skin pound the pavement in rapid succession.  I can feel the sting that propels me to run faster and faster and I remember the feeling of stopping – feet numb, legs wasted, but excited about reaching my destination.  Usually, this was during baseball games in the street, capture the flag, a good ole’ game of tag or running home to tell on my brother/neighbors.

That’s just a great memory that I’m sure I share with many who grew up in the south running on hot pavement during the long summers.

Have a fantastic night!

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