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Don’t you worry…I have not run since my 6 mile triumph yesterday morning.  I did, however, want to update you on the reunion (and write about it before I forgot all the awkwardness).

Okay, so, it was really crazy.  Of course, I still have fairly good relationships with my group of high school friends so there were a lot of people that I knew.  My best friends didn’t go because they live out of the state and it was just too expensive to travel.  I’m kinda glad about that because it made me get out of my comfort zone.  I feel like, if they were there, it would have been way to easy to talk to them and not really socialize.

So, I get there.  I am way overdressed.  I mean, it was a navy dress from Banana Republic.  I describe it as “I’m professional, but I enjoy life.”  The first group of people I see are from Midway Park (my elementary school).  It was so crazy.  Everyone either looks EXACTLY the same or completely different!  I don’t feel like I’ve changed at all, but I wonder what others thought.  I had someone tell me that I hadn’t aged a bit.  DUH!  I’m 28!!!  Who really “ages” before 28?

Of course, there were some awkward moments where I got caught looking at name tags, there were people who wanted me to know how awesome they are now and there were people who wanted to share some tragic life stories.  In general, I’m so glad I went and I feel really blessed to have been given the opportunities in life that I have had.  This reunion made me realize that good parenting really makes a difference.  I’m thankful for my parents and all that they sacrificed to give me such an amazing life.  A quirky little note:  my friend from Kindergarten, whom I haven’t seen since we graduated from HS asked me if I used to live at 8610 Valley Ranch Parkway.  I was astounded.  I did used to live there and I asked him how he knew.  He said that he delivered UPS packages to my house there, but I was never home.  Isn’t that crazy?!?!?  It’s such a small world.  That made me feel really good to know that there are people out there with connections to you in places you would never imagine.

Okay, on to the cakewalk.  No, it did not happen at the reunion.  It happened at the grocery store this morning.  I WON!  I was so excited when they called my number I yelled, “THAT’S ME!!!!”

You would have thought that I won the lottery.  I was so excited.  So, I got a free carrot cake (YUUUMMMM) that I’m going to take to my Grandparent’s house for Father’s Day.

That is all!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

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