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6 miles. 1 hour. 14 min.

I am very pleased with my run today.  It was tough and my goodness, it’s so freaking hot outside.  I kinda hit a milestone to day.  I took my first Goo.  Goo is a gel that has calories, electrolytes, caffeine, etc.  You’re supposed to take it for long mileage and my coaches said that 6 miles is a good distance to start trying it out to see what flavors you like.  Obviously, I chose chocolate.  It didn’t taste particularly bad, but the texture is a problem.  Let me tell you, it’s not called Goo for nothing.  I took it at the 1.5 mile mark and SICK OUT!  It felt (and still feels) like a lump of crude oil sitting in my belly.  I hate to equate it to the worst environmental disaster in the United States, but it is an environmental disaster in my belly.

The good news is, I feel like it really did help me get through those last two miles.  I walked for a total of, maybe, two minutes.   My time doesn’t count water stops.  Those were like a little slice of heaven today.  Especially because they helped to dilute the Goo!  In any case, I’m really proud of myself.  I finished strong and really picked up my pace at the very end.  I like to do that because, if I finish strong at six, I know I’ll have gas left in the tank when it’s time to run 7.  It’s a little mind game I play with myself.

When I got in the car to come home after the group run, I noticed all these white specs on me.  I started rubbing my arms and my face and, I swear, it started snowing in the car.  It felt like sandpaper.  Folks, it was salt.  How do I know for sure?  I licked my shoulder.  There is no question.  My body is a salt mine.  I can’t wait to take a shower!!!

While I was licking my shoulder…I kid, I just did it once, but on the way home, “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas came on.  Another great song, if I do say so myself.  My favorite line: just a drop of water in an endless sea.  That’s how I feel about my training.  Every day I run is just a drop of water compared to marathon (the sea).  Well, today, I did about a quarter of that!  Again, I’m pretty proud of myself…have I mentioned that? 🙂

I’m excited for my 10 year reunion tonight.  I’m not sure what to expect, but I look forward to blogging about it.  I’m also excited about Father’s Day.  I got some pretty cool gifts for all the Dad’s in my life.  I LOVE giving gifts.  Okay, busy day today of studying, etc.


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