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3 miles. 36 min. 47 sec.

ehhhhhhhh.  I’m a little disappointed with that time, but I’ll get ’em next time, right?!?!  Maybe 🙂

I cannot get over how hot it is.  I think I’ll start waiting until 7:30 to hit the road from now on.  Maybe that will speed me up a bit.  Also, it smelled like Big Red gum today on the trail.  It was delicious, but odd.

This Saturday is my 10 year High School Reunion.  CRAZY!  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.  It definitely feels like it has been though.  In those 10 years, I’ve had the most fun ever.  I’ve had some awesome jobs, met some really great people, had a ton of fun and made a lot of memories.  I really enjoyed high school.  I feel fortunate to say that because I don’t think that it’s a common thing.  I mean, I really really really like high school.  Of course, I liked college more, but the buck stops there.  Come on!  Who likes the real world better than college?  That’s just crazy talk.

So, I am a little nervous about the reunion.  I’m not sure why.  The only thing that comes to mind is that when I graduated from high school, I was pretty sure I would go to college and become a famous reporter, making about $250k/year.  I’m thankful that nobody told me that’s not how things happen.  It allowed me to dream big and find my own path.  It’s funny, the path I found has nothing to do with reporting news…bleh!!!  I hate to even think about what my life would be like if I made it at ABC40.  Thank goodness, bigger and better things were ahead.

I’ll be back to blogging on Saturday…


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