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2.92 miles. I forgot to stop my watch, but I have not doubt this was my fastest time yet!  When I realized that I didn’t stop my watch (after talking for at least 5 minutes) it was on 35 min. and 10 sec.  Just call me “Speedy.”

Oh, by the way, that was yesterday.  Sorry my blog is a day late.  I was exhausted after that run in a steamy 98 degrees.

Okay, I wanted to talk a little about hope and faith.  Yesterday, these topics came up quite a bit in my life.  I was in a deep conversation with a family member about some struggles and I realized that it’s really hard to have faith sometimes; whether it’s religious faith or faith in people.  However, it is rewarding and comforting.  We talked about why it’s hard to have faith…my answer:  People are more afraid of failure than they are hopeful about success.  It’s an interesting thing to think about.  Faith is a risk.  Let me rephrase that: Having faith in other people is a risk.  I do not believe that faith in God is a risk. Faith allows us to have hope, the most powerful force in the world.  With hope, we take risks, we get hurt, we love, we cry, we laugh, we smile and we grimace.  Hope is the catalyst for all of these things.  

I’m having a difficult time putting my thoughts into words here.  This is probably why I’m not a philosopher.  I do hope you get the gist thought 🙂


PS.  I’ll be running/blogging/insanity-ing tonight too!
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