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4 miles. 47 min. 58 sec.

True or False.  I ran 4 miles before you woke up!

Well, most likely, its true.  It’s also true that I didn’t run all week (except for Monday).  So, I struggled a bit today, but my time was an improvement from last Saturday and that’s awesome!

As I was running, some super in-shape guy was running the opposite direction and he yelled, “It’s great to be a winner!” and gave me a thumbs up.  Before I even had the chance to formulate a thought on this incident, he yelled “What was your easiest day? Yesterday!!!”

Well, he was right.  I think.  I’ve been a little perplexed about what exactly he meant, but I definitely appreciated the motivation.

Last week was REALLY tough.  The team was in town until Thursday, I had mid-terms, 2 big papers due and I graduated from Leadership Fort Worth on Friday.  I really enjoyed getting know everyone in my leadership class.  In fact, last night, I celebrated with my friend Laura by going to Bistro at the Zoo.  What an awesome event?!?!  Until last night, my favorite charity even was Lena Pope Sweetheart Dessert Fantasy.  It’s at the Fort Worth Club and it’s the Sunday after Valentine’s Day.  They have all the best restaurants from all over Fort Worth come and serve desserts.  They serve champagne and it is amazing!  Bistro at the Zoo was similar, but it included animals.  There were so many restaurants and they set up booths throughout the zoo.  I got to pet a penguin named Domino (pictured below) and an owl (I don’t remember his name or have his picture).   I also got to see a baby shark and 2 giant alligators (that was just the normal zoo exhibits…no petting there).  I am OBSESSED with alligators.  They are so scary and creepy.  

Anyway, my favorite food was the sweet potatoe casserole from Ruth’s Chris.  YUMMMMM!  All in all, it was a very busy, fun, successful week!

Now, back to the running thing…my lack of training during the week made my group run really difficult, but I’m looking forward to getting back on track this coming week.  Even with all of the craziness last week, I hit a big personal goal.  I got Top Fundraiser for the week!  I was so excited and proud…and INCREDIBLY thankful for all of the support of my friends and family!  Thank you so much for helping my achieve my goals!

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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