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3 miles. 39 min. 30 sec.

Oh my.  Today was not a good running day.  One might assume that I ran some hills today because of the amount of time it took me to run three miles, but one would be WRONG.  It was just a bad run.  Those happen…I think.

This was really bad though.  For a while, there were vultures circling overhead.  I thought, “Great.  This is just great.  What the he** am I supposed to do when a vulture swoops down to get me?”

Thankfully, they weren’t waiting for me to drop dead in my tracks, there must have been something in the fields that they were hoping to have for breakfast.  That kind of thinking is exactly why shows like “I shouldn’t be a live” and “worst case scenario” are so popular…overly dramatic freak-outs like myself.

I had a terrible dream last night and I was telling someone about it.  The response I got made me so happy. It’s just so true.  He said, “That’s what’s so great about bad dreams.  You get wake up and realize that life really is this good.”

Now, on to a good three day weekend.  It is much needed!


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