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3 miles (2m/hills). 35 min. 35 sec.

I had a great run tonight.  It’s so funny.  I’m constantly thinking about what my time should be.  Essentially, I’d like to have a 10 min/mile pace.  So, I want to do 2.5 min. quarter miles.  At every point where I think I have hit a quarter mile mark, I check my watch, do the math and judge myself.  There’s no other way to put it.  It is self-imposed judgement.  We really are much harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever dream of being.  I mean, really???  I run 3 miles so I can judge myself at quarter mile intervals?  That is sick, but it’s what I do.  In any case, I get my times all confused in my head when I’m running.  I know that if I’m running hills, my time will be slower than if I’m running my flat course.  I just can never remember what my “hill time” should be or if I’ve been accounting for it.  So, to make the quarter mile judgement intervals even more torturous, I may not even be comparing the right numbers.  I never actually know how I did until I get back here and update my blog.  Thank you, blog, for setting me straight time and time again.

While I was running, this evening, I made a list of things to remember to write about.  So, I’m basically gonna go down the list startinggggggggggggg NOW!

1. Model
Probably not what you were thinking here.  There are a handful of times throughout the year that the light from the sun is just perfect; the sky is brilliant blue, the horizon is a golden-orange color and recent rains have made the trees a grass the most vivid color of green.  These times, I feel like I’m in a scale model of where ever I am.  It’s such a cool feeling and I hope you guys know what I’m talking about because it is just one of the many things that remind me how beautiful life is!

2. Snakes
I might be a little obsessed now.
SNAKE…nope, brown glass bottle.
SNAKE…uh-uh, twisty vine.
SNAKE…oh, that’s just a kid’s shoe.
Everything thing I see while I run has potential to be a snake.  I wonder if that’s slowing me down or speeding me up?!?!

3. Lists
There aren’t many things that feel better than crossing something off of a to-do list with a giant black or red sharpie.  I love lists.  I even write, “make list” on some of my lists.  That’s how much I love them.

4. School
1 of my 5 classes ended on Friday.  I have been so incredibly busy, I forgot to be excited about it.  Oh, but I am!!!

5. Laundry Lessons
I washed all my running shorts.  Normally, I dry them on a drying rack, but I decided to throw them in the dryer.  Bad idea.  Running shorts have built-in underwear.  If you put them in the dryer, the underwear part shrinks.  Needless to say, this was not the most comfortable run I’ve been on.  Hopefully, they will stretch.  No matter what, I’m NEVER EVER EVER putting them in the dryer again.

Okay, that’s all I have for tonight.  Shower…Rangers…NyQuil…dreams.


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