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2 miles. 22 min. 3 sec.

Today was my second team run and it went very well.  I wanted to finish under 22 minutes, but I’m okay with my progress thus far.  I walked a little bit in there.  I’m having some back pain on my lower left side.  I will be making an appointment with Dr. Jay (my chiro) this week.  It’s amazing what a difference I feel after I’ve been adjusted.

Right after my run this morning, my Mom and I went to Relache’, the spa at the Gaylord, to celebrate Mother’s Day/my birthday.  I mean, I went directly from running, sweaty and gross to the spa.  We were a bit late, but everything worked out. We had the best time.  We started with massages, then facials followed by lunch with champagne, pedicures and manicures.  I am so relaxed.  I wish I had a spa day after every run!

I actually feel really guilty because I didn’t run Thursday or Friday.  School has been busy, but that’s no excuse!  This is really important to me and I shouldn’t let things like that get in my way.  My goal for the coming week is finish 2 miles under 21 min. and raise $100.  After last week, I realized that my fundraising  goal might have been a little steep.  $100/week is substantial…hey, slow and steady wins the race, right?!?

I have a fun evening ahead and look forward to lots of school on Sunday.  See you guys on Monday morning!!!


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