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2 miles. 22 min. 10 sec.

So, maybe I didn’t wake up early to run this morning like I said I was going to do yesterday, but I did run and that’s really what counts.  I did a really good job, too, so that counts even more!  I just got done with my run and it’s already 9PM.  Where did this day go?  I am a little disappointed in myself for not waking up to get my 2 miles in, but I was literally up every single hour last night.  It was just one of those nights.

I definitely plan to get up on Thursday and, of course, I’ll be up for my group run on Saturday.  It’s a really busy week from here on out.  Tomorrow night I have an advisory board meeting, I’m hosting a suite for my Leadership class and I have about 3 other groups of people to visit during the game.  I have 2 major projects due for school this work and 2 smaller assignments in my managerial finance class.  Is it a little weird that I’m more concerned with the managerial finance assignments than the BIG projects???  Not for this girl!

I meant to write about my birthday on Monday…IT WAS AWESOME.  I got to spend time with my whole family.  We celebrated Mother’s Day at my Grandma’s house on Saturday.  It’s always so awesome to spend time over there.  I’m so thankful that I have such a great relationship with my grandparents and that they live close!  I know I’m very blessed in that aspect.  On Sunday, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom.  It was really nice.  I really had a fantastic birthday.  I got to have brunch at my favorite restaurant EVER – Grace.  I had eggs benedict and, oh man, it was not the eggs benedict that you’re thinking of.  It was 2 small filets with an egg over easy and hollandaise sauce with crab.  I got roses and, best of all, I got cowboy boots.  I’ve lived in D/FW almost my whole life and never had boots!  Now, after 28 years, I’m finally an official Texan!  I also got a lot of donations for my fundraising!  I only need $400 more to hit my goal for the week.

Okay…that’s all I have in the tank for now!  I’m going to hit the hay (that’s what us Texans say when we are going to bed)!!!  Sweet Dreams

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