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2 miles. Hills. 24 min. 19 sec.

Wowza!!!  It is NOT cold outside.  I didn’t get up in time to run this morning…hey, come on, it’s Monday.  Well, don’t you worry.  I learned my lesson like I usually do, the hard way.  It’s like 88 degrees and it’s only May.  That is incredibly hot.  I can’t even comprehend what June, July and August will be like.  I walked quite a bit, probably a quarter of the way.  When it’s this hot I get a little worried about running alone.  What if I pass out or something???  I’m definitely going to have to run in the mornings.  There’s just no other way around it.

I almost forgot…I took a lot of time off of my first hilly run. I’m really proud of that.  I’m hoping that training on these hills will help me out.  I sure hope so.

1 mile. Walking. 14 min. 40 sec.

After I “ran” the 2 miles, I walked another mile just for the heck of it. I’ve never timed myself walking a mile so, I thought it was pretty interesting.

A quick update on life outside of running:

School is ridiculous.  It is really testing my time management skills.  Work is going really well.  I’m so proud of my offices.  We are going to exceed a goal that I was told I was ignorant for setting.  Nothing makes me happier than accomplishing something that somebody told me I couldn’t.  Overall, I’m really proud, a little stressed and still sweating bullets from my run 🙂


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