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2 miles. 23 minutes. 55 seconds.

I hit my goal that I set for myself yesterday.  I would definitely say I’m goal oriented.  Every single day I have goals for myself; don’t trip, don’t text while driving, no perezhilton at work, etc.  I took it to a whole new level on my morning run though.  It was more like, “just get to that stop sign, now just get to that crack in the road.”

The really good news is that I came in under 24 minutes and I puked for a good 45 seconds of that right before my finish line.  I actually blew my goal right out of the water…if you don’t count puking time.  Unfortunately, puking time counts and I am left with a lot of room for improvement.

I’m incredibly excited that tomorrow is my “off day.”  Ha, like I need it.  Every single day of the last 6 months has been an “off day” for me when it comes to physical activity.  I have really been busy with school and work.  I’m really proud of how I’m doing in both, but it’s been really nice to throw something like marathon training into the mix.  Right now, school is extremely difficult.  It’s just because I’m going full time.  I have 5 classes and 2 of them are group oriented.  My time is really valuable to me at this point.  Should you need me tomorrow.  I will be working, getting a massage and then on my computer doing school stuff until it is time for me to pick my lazy a$$ up and run on Thursday morning!


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